LINAK Control Software

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The control software is to be installed in your computer (PC or MAC) making the use/adjustment of your desk very intuitive in your daily work. The software program contains the typical desk panel features like up, down adjustment, up to 3 memory positions and height read-out. Dual drive allows both a switch and the software control to run at the same time.
Additionally, the program reminds you to adjust your desk, counting the time standing as well as the calories burned.
– The intervals are self-elected making Desk Control a very personal tool. Simply connect the special USB cable between your control box and your computer and download the desk panel software.

- Control your desk from your PC/Mac
– Up to 3 memory positions
– Track total number of desk adjustments from a sit to stand position
– Count standing minutes and calories burned while standing
– Prompt users to stand up and work with adjustable reminders
– Up and down drive
– Displays actual desk height
– Export statistics to Excel
– Available in English/German
– Displays error codes
– Compatible with ActivDesk height adjustable desks only

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