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ActivDesk has been providing home grown height adjustable sit stand desk solutions to the Australian workforce for over 20 years. Australian owned and operated, our ActivDesk design and manufacturing team focus hard on creating ergonomic desk solutions to combat workplace health and safety issues plaguing Australia’s businesses.

We spend countless hours designing and inventing new ways to continue to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. Contact ActivDesk now to find out how we can help. ActivDesk electric height adjustable sit stand desk ranges combine the latest in modern design with proven lifting technologies.

We provide the end user with an effective, long lasting ergonomic solution for the ever changing home and office working environment. The electric height adjustable office desks available from AME System ensure you remain safe and comfortable for long periods of time. Especially during those long days where your body simply needs a break. Our desks are sit to stand at the touch of a button and all our accessories have been tested to make sure they meet a high standard.

ActivDesk puts your health first and ensures that your desk takes care of you for years to come. With all the time Australia spends working at a desk making Australia better, why shouldn’t we invest in a desk that spends its time making Australia feel better.


Sit, stand, lean, balance – there’s a hundred different ways you can be more comfortable at work with an electric height adjustable sit stand desk from ActivDesk. Melbourne designed and owned since 1992, ActivDesk is proudly Australian.
Contact ActivDesk now to find out how we can help you live better and work better with ActivDesk.
If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a sit stand desk, click here.
If you’d like to find out about the health and safety benefits of sit stand desks, click here
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